to (not) be worth the trouble(no) valer la pena
to ask a questionhacer una pregunta
to be ashamedtener vergüenza
to be in a hurrytener prisa
to be in styleestar de moda
to be loathsome todarle asco a
to be righttener razón
to be successfultener éxito
to behave well/ poorlyportarse bien/mal
to blame (someone)echar (le) la culpa
to check out a booksacar prestado un libro
to count oncontar con
to get along well (badly with)llevarse bien (mal) con
to go crazyvolverse loco/a
to have a great/bad timepasárselo bien/mal
to have one's waysalirse con la suya
to have to do withtener que ver con
to keep silentguardar silencio
to learn by heartaprender de memoria
to make a decisiontomar una decisión
to miss someone, somethingechar de menos
to packhacer la maleta
to pay attentionprestar atención
to pay attention tohacer caso
to realizedarse cuenta de
to realize (e.g., a dream, a goal)realizar
to set the tableponer la mesa
to start a businessmontar un negocio
to stop doing somethingdejar de
to take a triphacer un viaje
to take a walk/drivedar una vuelta
to take into considerationtener en cuenta
to take notestomar apuntes
to take placetener lugar
to teasetomar el pelo
to vacuumpasar la aspiradora
to wait in linehacer cola